CREATE Students attend Women in Physics Conference

Women in Physics Conference Group photo

The 8th Edition of Women in Physics Canada (WIPC 2019) was held in June at University of McGill in Montréal, Québec. Caelia Gardiner and Kim Dube, both doctoral CREATE students at the University of Saskatchewan, were able to attend with support from the NSERC-CREATE funding. This professional conference is a space where participants can build networks, explore career paths, and present research, while also promoting gender equity and taking part in conversations about women in physics, mental health, and LGTBQA+ issues.

Numerous studies demonstrate that diverse and inclusive environments promote performance, creativity, innovation, and success. Despite this, the fields of science and technology continue to suffer from a lack of diversity. The goal of this conference is therefore to support and encourage female and non-binary people in the early stages of their career to persist in this field. To achieve this goal, this conference will offer the opportunity for participants to:

  • Take part in a professional conference and present their own research.
  • Participate in collectively raising awareness about obstacles that gender minorities face in physics.
  • Build a network of contacts on the national scale.
  • Get informed about opportunities for careers in science and industry.

Kimberlee Dube presented a poster of her research TRENDS IN STRATOSPHERIC NOX OBSERVED BY SAGE II AND OSIRIS. You can read the abstract here

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