Our Students

ISM CREATE students are invited to participate in the program from applicant and collaborator institutions.  If you are interested in becoming an ISM CREATE student contact us here.

2019-2020 Students Participants

University of Saskatchewan

Kimberlee Dube Doctorate Physics
Syd Ullrich Master’s Engineering Physics
Connor Schentag Master’s Engineering Physics
Faezeh Ebadollahi Master’s Biomedical Engineering
Ian McConkey Master’s Atmospheric Science

Royal Military College

Heather Taylor Master’s Space Physics
Matthew Bowen Master’s Space Physics

University of Tromsø, Norway

Kassi Klepper Master’s Space Physics
Pavithiran Sivasothy Master’s Space Physics

2017-2018 Student Participants

University of Saskatchewan

Draven Galeschuck Master’s Space Physics
Gaelene Lerat Master’s Space Physics
Curtis Puetz Master’s Engineering Physics
Alex Chang Master’s Space Physics – Plasma
Lukas Fehr Master’s Engineering Physics
Taran Warnock Master’s Atmospheric Physics

University of Alberta

Luke Oberhageman Master’s Space Physics
Leonid Olifer Master’s Space Physics

University of Calgary

Victoria Foss Master’s Space Physics
Candice Quinn Master’s Space Physics

2016-2107 Student Participants

University of Saskatchewan

Caelia Gardiner      Masters in Engineering Physics
Ethan Runge           Masters in Engineering Physics
Daniel Letros          Masters in Engineering Physics
Lindsay Goodwin PhD Physics

University of Alberta

Charles Nokes                Masters in Physics
Stefan Dankjar               Masters in Computer and Electrical Engineering
Christopher Robson   Masters in Mechanical Engineering

University of Tromsø, Norway

Elisabeth Roeynestad  Masters in Space Physics Engineering
Tinna Gunnarsdottir      Masters in Space Physics Civil Engineering

University of Oslo

Tom Morten Berge   PhD in Space Instrumentation