Seminar: International Space Mission Training – The Master’s Level Opportunity after CanNoRock


Over 50 students and faculty attended a seminar given by Dr. Kathryn McWilliams on Tuesday, February 7th to describe the ISM Training program.





This seminar will highlight new opportunities for University of Saskatchewan students in the International Space Mission Training Program and explain how it fits into the existing ladder of training opportunities, building on the CaNoRock field trip to Norway. Canada’s space industry has identified a global leadership opportunity to develop the next-generation of space technology and personnel in an area of strategic importance. Highly skilled innovators with professional space mission training and international experience are essential for the Canadian space research and industry to achieve success in the area of low cost rocket and cube satellite development and deployment. The NSERC CREATE International Space Mission (ISM) Training Program–a Norway-Canada Partnership led by the University of Saskatchewan–will prepare future experts to capitalize on these opportunities for success. ISM will integrate technical skills developed through student-led, hands-on, satellite-mission launch training with high-demand professional skills. The ISM vision builds upon a longstanding partnership between universities in Canada and Norway, Arctic nations uniquely positioned and reliant on space technology and ground infrastructure. ISM will significantly expand the existing Canada-Norway CaNoRock space science training program by adding space mission and professional skills to the next level of students. The aims of the ISM are to enhance research in space science; to train students in technical, research and professional skills; to launch an operational student-led Canadian/Norwegian space mission by 2025; and to increase overall the number of highly qualified personnel with the skills needed to meet and drive the demands of the burgeoning space economy.

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